Solar Pi | Installing Electric-Powered Computer Lab

After the electricians finished with the wiring of the lab, it is time for our team to finish it up. On the 19th of May, 2018, eight of our teammates had been to the Toul Brasat Sen Sol High School to install the computers and training the teachers and the students. 

As a member of the installation team, my role was to set up the monitors as well as connecting the necessary wires. Most of the time there, I was setting up the screens, connecting them with the Raspberry Pi and finally test the screens whether they are working or not. During the testing process, we had found that a few of computers are not working well because of the broken cables and there are so many mouses that are not working.  Due to the short amount of time, we eventually had to fix it later. 

Although there were so many obstacles from the installation, this lab will be using as soon as it finished. In addition, this lab will be used by 245 high school students. Nevertheless, by installing this lab our team are hoping to see more interests from Cambodians in technology field. 


Zoonotic in Cambodia | Pagodas Mission

Public Health is my 3rd exploration of this year. As I mentioned earlier in the last post, our team were mainly focusing on rabies and as well as other zoonotic diseases (a disease that human can get from animals). At the very start of our exploration we were focused on one report which talking about salmonella disease and how does it spread. There are so many ways of spreading the disease such as through transportation, flights, and direct contacts.

Later on in class, we had our main focus which was about “Rabies in Cambodia”. Rabies is one the most dangerous diseases in Cambodia but the majority of our population does not know about it. Moreover, there are about 800 people died every year from rabies which is more than dengue fever and malaria combined. Moreover, as Pasteur Institute had tested the dog’s heads, 50% of those dogs contain rabies virus.

There are so many ways to decrease rabies in our country, one of those were vaccinating the dogs. On 7th of February, our team had worked with Animal Rescue Cambodia (ARC) to held a vaccination event in two pagodas in our communities. Before the event happens, our team had to talk to the head monks of both pagodas and the village chiefs for the permission. Luckily, we were accepted to make this event happen. A few days before the event started, we have to bike around the communities and hand out the flyers that contain the information about the events to the villagers.

The educational poster about the treatments for your wound after the bite was being used in the event to show the villagers.

In the morning until noon, we were doing the vaccination in Chompuk Kaek Pagoda and it was very successful because we got over a hundred of dogs and cats vaccinated. While in the afternoon, we were not really successful doing the vaccination in another pagoda called, “Koh Krobey Pagoda.” So, we decided to go to the houses and get the dogs and cats vaccinated. During the vaccination, we have to take the pictures of the dogs with their microchip code. Microchip basically is a number that determines whether the dogs and cats had the vaccination yet or not. By the end of the day, there were 167 dogs and cats got to vaccinate.


To me, this is one of biggest achievements of this year where I got to do this simple thing for my communities. Moreover, we do not actually know whether those pets contain the virus or not. However, if the pets have the virus and bite humans we can actually save their life from getting this aggressive virus. Lastly, although there are a few difficulties during the mission and exploration classes, I’m really proud of myself as well as my classmates for doing these memorable memories and helping our communities together.

Zoonotic in Cambodia | Rabies Event at Mondulkiri

I am currently in Public Health exploration which mainly confusing on rabies. In Cambodia, rabies mostly comes from dogs and cats. As the research showed, there are around 5 million dogs in Cambodia and about 50% of those contain rabies virus. This means that if you got bitten by a dog you will have a 50% chance of getting rabies. Most importantly, the deaths from rabies in Cambodia are greater than dengue fever and malaria combined. Even though rabies is one of the health issues in our country, not many people know about it and not many people taking action to stop it from spreading.

To prevent rabies from expanding, our exploration had collaborated with an organization called, “Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society (PPAWS)” and held an event at Mondulkiri. The two main focuses of the event are trying to get many dogs/cats as possible to receive vaccination and dissecting. Besides focusing on the animals, we were also trying to get people to know more about rabies and the awarenesses. In order to achieve this goal, our group had divided into many small teams to walk around the area and telling the villagers and remind them to get their dogs/cats vaccinated and if they want they can do dissecting.

I was so glad that I was on this trip because there are so many incredible things that I have never seen before. One of those things is looking at the whole process of dissecting the animals as well as giving the animal’s vaccine. Although it was scary to see the surgery, I manage to do it because I think it was a good opportunity where not many get to see something cool like this.

Bike Experience Exploration – Journeys of Change

My second exploration of this is year Bike Experience, which we named it later on as Journeys of Change. The goal of this seven weeks long project is to turn this idea of running a bike tour into a successful business. Moreover, the bike route will contain the theme of change that occurs in Cambodia as it mentioned in our business name, Journeys of Change. Mission: Our mission is to share insights into the lives of everyday Cambodians by creating a tour for visitors and locals, of the Phnom Penh area. The tour will focus on explaining the changes that have occurred and are occurring in this country, while simultaneously supporting local businesses, being environmentally conscious,  training tour guides in responsible tourism, providing cross-cultural exchanges, and creating job opportunities for Liger students to help further and fund their education, after high school.

Our team members.

In order to start this business, our team has divided into three smaller teams that were working on a different part of this business. For me, I was working as a business plan member, that focused on writing the report about the whole idea about this business and to keep it organized. Also, I’ve been working on calculating the expense and decide how much I charge our client per tour and how can we the money. Most importantly, my team had created a lot of forms and documents such as liability waiver, feedback system, and three job descriptions (tour guide, office director, and marketing manager).  

Another team was the tour guides, which they were focusing on the stops for our bike route as well as design training course for the additional 20 tour guides. Moreover, after the finished finalizing the stops, they will need to write the script for each stop in order to make it easy for the trainee guides to summarize. 

Our last team was marketing. In this team, they were trying to use many ways to advertise our bike tours. At the end our exploration, they had created a website and a Facebook page. Additionally, they were trying to partner with some of the hotels by the riverside of Phnom Penh, which is close by our starting point for our bike tour. 

Since we were trying to turn this project into a real business, we had hired our office director and marketing manager to keep track of our progress. Also, all of the students that involved in this exploration will be our official tour guides and we will have 20 more tour guides coming soon. 


Our first tour with finalized stops. 

Battambang trip: At the start of this exploration, we’ve been to Battambang for our one week trip. During this trip, we got to learn from one bike tour company, Soksabike who is our mentor. We learned almost everything about their business which gave us so many ideas of our how our bike experience should be.  


My first exploration of this year was Animation. The goal of this exploration is to create short animations about anything. However, since animation is a subject that will take a lot of time to focus on, we had changed our goal.

From the start, I was thinking that I will do an animation and I will be using more and more technologies. However, the expectation wasn’t like the reality. In class, we spend most of our time focusing on different types of drawing such as caricature, characters design and perspective drawings. Also, we were learning about storyboards and how to design our background which is pretty difficult. 

Still life drawing

As an outcome, our class was divided into 4 groups and come up with a short 1-2 minutes story. After each group finished with the writing about the whole story, we started to create a storyboard of each important scenes. If we finished everything by time, we will make it into a short animation. 




Solar Pi

The last exploration of this year is Solar Pi.  The goal of this exploration is to create a successful computer lab that will be located in the government school. The lab will be running by solar power and the computer will run by the Raspberry Pi which is like a small computer. Most importantly, we highly hope that this computer lab will help to improve some of Cambodians with their study. 

In the computer, we will include the 3D design program called FreeCAD because as we can see nowadays, many computer labs do not have these type of program. Moreover, we will have Edemy; an English learning website created by Cambodian as a part of our curriculum.  We decided to encompass those two main courses because as we can see Cambodia today, does not have these type creative technologies. 

In class, we were working different jobs such as; how do we run a screen to the raspberry pi and how will that connect to the solar panels. In addition, we had to find a school that is good enough to get this lab in their school and how will the school use this lab as a part of their curriculum. Also, some of our teammates were working on creating tutorials for the FreeCAD to help the users to begin their lesson. 

Since we have a lot of work to get done, we do not have enough time, so we are going to continue to the next round of exploration which is next year of school. Our goal for the next round is to figure out the school to install the lab and keep in touch with them.  Lastly, we would love to see the successful lab that will be installed. 


Project Report:

Preventative Health Exploration

I was in this incredible exploration called “Preventative Health.” Our goal for this exploration is to help the people in Koh Rong island about health issues. We mainly focus on two problems are dental care and balance diet.


We were dividing into two group which focus on two different things such as dental care and balance diet. The first few weeks of the class we’ve been researching about the dental care and balance diet issues in Cambodia and how can we prevent it. After getting enough important information, we’re making it into a play to show to the people on the island because we think that it’s the best idea to make the remember the information that we’re giving them.


When we went on a trip to Koh Rong, there are a lot of activities that are new to me such as snorkeling, scuba diving, doing the play to the communities on the island about preventative health and learned about the marine life. We took a lot of boat ride to many places on the island to do the play and also snorkeling. Moreover, I really enjoy the boat ride that we took on the last day at night to see the bioluminescent in the middle of the sea. We not only did a lot of snorkeling but also hiking to the waterfall which is such a long where to go.


One of my favorite highlights are snorkeling and scuba diving in Song Saa private coral reef. Moreover, I get to see many living organisms there such as butterfly fish and lots of baby jellyfishes and it was my dream to go snorkeling at the coral reef and this exploration made my dream come true! Especially, I got to present to the people there about preventative health and have a lot of fun playing games with the kids and talking to them about their community. I want to a part of this kind of exploration again! I would like to visit Koh Rong once again!

Khmer Rouge Exploration – Before Khmer Rouge

My first exploration of my 5th year at Liger is Khmer Rouge. For this project, our school want all the Senior Cohort students to learn and know about it. Moreover, for this big project we divided into four part which confusing on before Khmer Rouge, during Khmer Rouge, after Khmer Rouge and what’s happen now in Cambodia. Since I’m in the first group of this project, so I was learning about what’s happen before Khmer Rouge take over. Throughout the exploration, I had learned a lot from many different sources. Furthermore, I had many opportunities to go to many amazing places such as Boeung Cheung Ek killing field, The Extraordinary Chamber of the Court in Cambodia and I had a chance to listen to Swedish man, Gunnar Bergstrom.  

The first few week of this exploration, our learning facilitator shared us some of information based on her research about what happen to Cambodia since Angkor Empire era till the start of Khmer Rouge. In addition, we also researched for more information and met a lot of special people who they know a lot about Khmer Rouge or before Khmer Rouge. Those people are Youk Chhang (Director of Documentation Center of Cambodia) and Gunnar Bergstrom (Swedish communist profession who got invited to Cambodia).

The Extraordinary Chamber of the Court in Cambodia (ECCC) the place where they do all the trial about the Khmer Rouge and to find justice for millions people who experienced Khmer Rouge. On 25th August, 2016, five of the girls in our group (included me) had a chance to go in and listen to the trial about the forced marriage during Khmer Rouge time. It was such an amazing experience to there and I learned a lot more things.

At Boeung Cheung Ek killing field, we were touring about the whole campus. We get to interview our tour guide about the history of that killing field.


Water Safety

Water safety is my last exploration of my third year in Liger. In the exploration, there are 10 students and one learning facilitator. Our exploration big goal is to decrease amount of people that drown because they don’t know how to swim and other problems. So, we have make a swimming class that some children from community can come and learn how to swim. We divide into 3 teams and in each team there are about 4-5 students. We teach they not to become a really good swimmer but we teach them just main ideas so that they can protect themselves when they are swimming.

In class, we made different messages to educate people when they should swim and when they shouldn’t swim. We use one program called “Inkscape”  to make our poster. It is a bit hard for me to use because I never use it before. After we finished our messages, we went to one organisation called “Camkids” that located in Kampong Spue, Cambodia to teach students there how to protect themselves when they go to swim.


My water safety message; Don’t get in the water to swim when there are lightning or storm.



Swimming clas at our school’s pool.

Teaching the kids at Camkids, Cambodia.

img_1065 img_1067 img_1081

Mysterious Talents

Mysterious Talents is my second create your own exploration. In this exploration, we have four members are Sopheak, Souyeth, Thiny and I. Our exploration’s goal is to collect the hidden talents that Cambodian have and share it to the world. We want to share to the world my making many short films and post it in Youtube. We want to collect the hidden talents because we want to tell the world that Cambodian have a lot of talents. Also we want the foreigners that come to Cambodia to visit other tourism sites or other interesting places rather than the most famous place in Cambodia such as Angkor Wat.

We spend 3 nights and 4 days going to four provinces such as Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Kampot and Kep to interview and film Cambodia’s people. It’s a long trip and we got to interviewed many people. Also I got to see many talents that people have such as making a basket from bamboo, self taught artist and more amazing talents.

After we collected the talents we started to edit the videos. We use Movie Maker to the videos because it’s the easiest program for us. We want our videos to be between 40 seconds – 3 minutes but it’s looking great. Also when people watch it, they know what is it about.