It’s my second joining drone ASE (After School Extension). For the few weeks of the ASE, we’ve been filming all kind of sports that we have in Liger such as; soccer, running, biking, yoga, badminton, basketball,  swimming, and frisbee. After, get all those football, our friend Makara had to combine those footages and make a cool short video of it.

After finishing sports in Liger, we’re starting to film many cool stuff at our new football field. On 24th, January, our drone team try to gather many people as possible such as Junior Cohort, Senior Cohort, staff and of course our school director to film a mannequin challenge using drone. Our friend, Samnang N is the one who is filming and we are all trying to help and give advice to him about what he should do. After about 10 minutes, we are success with our filming. We all like the result that we got, it’s turn out great and the footage was so smooth.   

On our exploration trip (Preventative Health), we also get to used drone to film a lot of cool footages of the Koh Rong island and the Palm Beach village. We got to see the whole view of the beaches there which is so beautiful that we can’t even describe. Moreover, when we took the boat ride, we try to film follow the boat which is a hard footage to get. However, we tried our best to do it even if there are a lot of wind and hard to control the drone. It was one of my memorable moments of the trip. If I have a chance to back again later, I’ll try to get more and more interesting footages of the island.

The footages of the unfinished senior campus. 


Kampot Writers Readers’ Festival

On the 3rd of November 2016, a group of 12 students from our school including me attended the event which is called “Kampot Writers Readers Festival (KWRF).” Six of our friends had a chance to present their Cambodia Wildlife’s book that they were created about two years ago.

It was a great trip! I get to talk to many authors from many different countries. On the day, I get to ride a boat to see fireflies. On the way to see the fireflies, I got to listen to one of the books which talk about Cambodia in near past.

I really enjoy these beautiful moments. I hope I got a chance to go again next year.

Liger Ultimate Frisbee

Every Tuesday, I had join Liger Ultimate Frisbee. In this after school activity (ASE) everyone can join to play. There are so many boys in this activity so while we play the girls don’t have a lot of chance to throw the frisbee. However, I enjoy playing with all my friends and also it is a good sport.

  • Our volunteer, Samantha.

Girl’s Football

Girl’s football is one of the after school extensions in our school. We had practice a lot of football every week and boys practice, too. We also practice a lot because we have some competition with other school in Phnom Penh. Football is one of our favorite sport in Liger.

  • Group picture.