Photowalk 2.0

During last weekend, I had spent half my Saturday with the other three friends joining a photography event, Photowalk 2.0. The event was joined by a variety of people: colleagues, professional camera operators and those who passionate about photography. Starting around 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM, we were touring around the busy streets and locations in Phnom Penh such as Russia Market and Central Market. During each stop, we have a limit time to capture the beauty of our people and our country.


As someone who loves photography, I was so honored to be a part of this event. Since I had never captured the live action before, it was a little challenging for me. I was having a hard time adjusting the camera and capturing what I want with the right settings in a very short amount of time because everything only happens once. Once. That’s all the chance I got to capture a good moment or expression of the subjects. However, throughout the journey, I was able to improve my speed of changing the settings and capturing the moments.

Overall, I was glad to participate in this event where I got to meet many skillful photographers. Also, it was so much joys going from street to street, location to location and see what people are doing as their daily lives. It was a beautiful experience.

Below are just some of the photos I took on that day.



In Liger, each student would have a very busy schedule and we have to work hard everyday to keep our activities progressing. Nevertheless, as we are now still growing we easily feel pressured, stressed and tired. To make us feel more relaxed, Liger had given this opportunity to the senior cohort to join vagabond at Vagabond Temple in Kampot, Cambodia. On the selected Thursday, Liger would send a small group of seniors to the place to join the meditation, yoga classes and experience this amazing opportunity. The latest team that had to go, was my team.

The first time I stepped into this place, I eventually feel so relaxed with the quiet calm and green environment. I also noticed that there are many different nationalities of the participants as well, who would mostly stay for a few days or up to months as community members. Throughout the day, we would have around six classes that we need to attend which include yoga, meditation and sharing sections. The schedule is the same for everyday, except on Sunday where we have some options to choose. Moreover, the available food is vegan food.

Besides having classes to make us feel more relax and love ourselves more, Liger’s students are also networking with the other participants. I remembered one of the sections where Liger’s students taught the other participants about Khmer Dances and sharing our original poem written by Vornsar about what we had learned so far in Vagabond Temple. Nevertheless, I remembered that a few of us had also taught the kids there about frisbee and playing frisbee at Kep beach with the other participants.

Going through this experience, I realized that it might seem boring at first because all we do was meditating and doing yoga. However, once we started to talk to other people there, we might know some amazing things about them and the classes that we’re taking won’t be bored like what we thought anymore.



Independence Discovery | Cambodia’s Arts

Unlike my other independence discoveries (ID), this round I focused more on Cambodia’s arts. This round I still focused on doodlings and pencil drawings but with Cambodian culture and traditional included. Since I have never done this concept before, it took awhile to used to it.

At the beginning of this ID, I wasn’t sure what type of picture would I like to draw and doodle. I started to look at a bunch of references such as looking at Cambodian doodler’s Instagram (Chhoun Vicheka and Visoth Kakvei). Later on, I got this idea where I would have Preah Prohm as the center of the sketch in pencil drawing and traditional doodle styles around. Due to its details on the doodlings, it took me so much time doing this piece. My second idea was a comparison between Cambodia’s past and present buildings. However, due to the short amount of time I have, I couldn’t finish this piece.

Throughout this independence discovery, I realized that next time I should start with small ideas or pieces of the drawings. Nevertheless, I should have been more prepared and organized my thoughts before the class start so that I would have more time to focus on the drawings.

Grizzly Open 2018 | Bee Force

In Liger, we had so many opportunities whether in the country or overseas. Additionally, those opportunities had led me to travel to many provinces in Cambodia already, but I haven’t got to go to any other country yet. By joining an all-girls frisbee training, Bee Force, I got this amazing chance which allowed me to travel to Malaysia. 

To get this opportunity, it required me and my teammates a lot of work and effort. Every Sunday morning, we would wake up early and go to train with our two coaches, Jared and Romina. The coaches will be keeping track of our performance in the game every week so we had to work even harder every week. After survival weeks of training, the coaches finally choosing the players to join an ultimate frisbee competition, Grizzly Open 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There were about 21 players who had chosen and I was so glad that I was one of them.

Our Liger’s girls who got selected from the training.

Grizzly Open 2018 is an ultimate frisbee competition that allows many teams from different countries to compete by their gender. The competition were on the 17th and 18th of March and it was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This year was the first time that Cambodia team have been participating in this competition. Most of the members of the team were their first time being in a big competition like this just like me. So, we were so nervous once we saw the other players from other teams. However, as a team, we were trying to encourage each other to think positive so that we would do well on the field. 

For this two days tournament, Bee Fore got 6 games to play with other female groups. On our first game, we had won by 7:3 and it was the time that Cambodia team won a frisbee game. Unfortunately, for our next 5 games, we couldn’t win. However, we were all happy and enjoy the games. Moreover, we were trying our best and give our 100% effort in the games. In addition, we got to meet so many good people who were helping us to improve and encouraging us to even work harder. 

Besides enjoying the tournament, I also enjoy other activities that we did such as going to the mall and swimming. Nevertheless, I love seeing the differences and similarities between my own country and Malaysia. While traveling to the field for the games I can see how clean Malaysia’s environment and I rarely see any rubbish. Also, Malaysians were so friendly and respectful, especially to us who don’t know anything about Malaysia. 

It was my first being outside the country. Although I feel a bit uncomfortable at first being a foreigner in their country, I was glad to get that new experience. Moreover, I am very thankful for my teammates, coaches, and learning facilitator that had created a very meaningful memory and give me a lot of courage. 

This is our Cambodia team with our coach.

Sea Festival

On the 23rd and 24th of December last year, I had been joined an incredible opportunity which was Sea Festival that was celebrating at Kep. 11 Liger’s seniors and I were going as the frisbee players with many adults and teenagers.

The scheduling of the trip had changed rapidly, so we have to be flexible most of the time.  On the 23rd, we have been playing in the after around 3PM until late evening. Then we start to play again (team against team) until late night. On the next day, we were starting the game in the morning around 8AM until 12PM. Moreover, it was my first time joining a Beach Frisbee Ultimate, so running on the sand and playing the game under the hot sun was difficult. Also, it was hard for the other players too, but we all manage to do well until the end of the trip. 

Out of all the players, Liger’s students were on the youngest and yet we did not get to practice much. However, we played really well during the tournament between the 4 teams that had been created. We received a lot of good compliments about our skill and as well as our responsibilities during the trips. Personally, even though the trip was really tiring but I really enjoyed it. So, if there any other opportunities like this I would love to join. 



Just a few weeks ago, in literacy class, we were preparing for our first reading and language use’s  practice SAT. We were doing taking this test on one of the most effective learning website, Khan Academy.

Our tips to on taking this test are to not stress out about the test. Nevertheless, we should start with reading the questions and the given choices first before we do because some of the questions don’t require us to read the whole passage to answer. One of the easier ways is to follow the process of elimination the answer choices. That mean, in each question there will be some obvious answer that is not something that the question wants, so we can eliminate that one out. Most importantly, we should check for the key words in each answer because one word can change the whole meaning of the answer choice.

Another important thing is that we should try to do all the questions even if we are not sure with the answer. After I took the test, I just realized that I left too many questions which will take out a lot of my points. However, if I were to do all of the questions even with guessing, I might have get some more points 



Kampot Writers Readers’ Festival

On the 3rd of November 2016, a group of 12 students from our school including me attended the event which is called “Kampot Writers Readers Festival (KWRF).” Six of our friends had a chance to present their Cambodia Wildlife’s book that they were created about two years ago.

It was a great trip! I get to talk to many authors from many different countries. On the day, I get to ride a boat to see fireflies. On the way to see the fireflies, I got to listen to one of the books which talk about Cambodia in near past.

I really enjoy these beautiful moments. I hope I got a chance to go again next year.

Independent Discovery

My independent discovery is about many interesting art. I spend most of the time in class on drawing. In the beginning of the class I started to draw a butterfly zentangle. It’s take really long to draw the zentangle because I have to draw its very small. Although, I spend a lot of time too, to search for ideas on internet. Also it is my first time to try to draw a zentangle. Other than zentangle, I also learned to draw realistic and 3D drawing.

My challenge is that we don’t a lot of good papers and some more art supplies. When I draw on a bad paper I can’t blend the color well so it’s really hard for me. Also I don’t have a lot of experiences with blending the color. However, on every drawing that I did, I try my best work and I really patient about it.

Here is my finished drawing

C360_2016-03-24-17-52-57-996 (2)C360_2016-03-24-17-51-32-684


Independent Discovery

          In  Liger we have Independent Discovery, which allow students to pick one topic that they want to work on in the own time. Also the topic or skill that they use will help them learning. I chose to do one independent discovery which is about drawing and designing fashion. Even though, my topic is about designing and drawing fashion but I also learn how to draw humans realistic drawing. My mentor is Jaime (Learning Facilitator), she help me a lot my giving me a lot of great ideas and sources that I could used to help for my independent discovery. My goal is to know more of great fashion design and I want to be better with using different kind of color such as watercolor and pencil color. The most important thing is to know technique of drawing realistic drawing and designing fashions.  

          I think it was fun to design and drawing your design but I think I’m not really succeed in this independent discovery. It not really succeed because I have so many ideas and a lot of things that I want to do in this independent discovery in short time. Also, I think if I were with one or two friends that want to do the same things as me so it will be better. We will have more idea and have specific things that we want to do. So, if I do next independent discovery I would like to do with some friends that can help me what I need.

          I spent a lot finding sources that will help me with this fashion designing independent discovery. Here is the two website that I like to use for search for some ideas:

  • Pinterest; This website allow me to search for things that I want such as fashion design ideas.
  • Skillshare; This is the website that my teacher gave me, it allow me to watch many cool video about drawing and designing clothes and many cool drawing.