Who am I?

I am Sokea
I am 12 years old
I am a quiet person.
I have one older sister.
Family is really special for me.
My favorite colors are red and blue.
Art and literacy are my favorite classes.
I like to draw pictures and design clothes.
I like to read books and play on the computer.


Headline (copy): Health

Topic (copy):Dirty air from China is blowing across the ocean and polluting California

Lexile Level (different for each): 860L

Summary (10-12 sentences telling the major ideas; who, what, where when, why, how):

This article is about the polluting the air and it can make people have a disease for their lungs. The smog it blew from China and across the Pacific ocean to California. It’s increasing the ozone in Western States when the ozone from China because they have more and more ozone. When the smog blow from China to California it only take about a week to across the Pacific ocean. It was a bad thing and for the people that live in Western States because it can make them have a bd health. One scientist name Faloona said that the ozone (the gas in the air polluting) is come from transportation like cars, trucks and factories. When the smog have blew from China to California then U.S have add more ozone because in California also the drive the cars and have factories. However This two countries would work together to stop the polluting but U.S need to work harder because the smog not go any where else it just stay in California. Also this mean that the pollution have a lot and it really easy to make us sick and die.

Favorite part:

  • When I read this article, I didn’t that the smog can blow really far like in this article blowing from China and across Pacific ocean and got to California. Also it take a quick time to get that smog to California only about a week. It was hard to believe for me. However, if we have a smog it really bad for our health so we need to take care of yourself more. The cause to make this problem because in China they have a factories and they drive a transportation so it pollute the air a lot.

Would you recommend it? (yes/no): Yes

If yes, who would you recommend it to?: (people who like…)

  • To people who live in China, Don’t use a lot of the gas if the place that not far so we can you our feet to walk don’t need to drive a car or moto. For the factories they shouldn’t use a lot of gas too