In Liger, each student would have a very busy schedule and we have to work hard everyday to keep our activities progressing. Nevertheless, as we are now still growing we easily feel pressured, stressed and tired. To make us feel more relaxed, Liger had given this opportunity to the senior cohort to join vagabond at Vagabond Temple in Kampot, Cambodia. On the selected Thursday, Liger would send a small group of seniors to the place to join the meditation, yoga classes and experience this amazing opportunity. The latest team that had to go, was my team.

The first time I stepped into this place, I eventually feel so relaxed with the quiet calm and green environment. I also noticed that there are many different nationalities of the participants as well, who would mostly stay for a few days or up to months as community members. Throughout the day, we would have around six classes that we need to attend which include yoga, meditation and sharing sections. The schedule is the same for everyday, except on Sunday where we have some options to choose. Moreover, the available food is vegan food.

Besides having classes to make us feel more relax and love ourselves more, Liger’s students are also networking with the other participants. I remembered one of the sections where Liger’s students taught the other participants about Khmer Dances and sharing our original poem written by Vornsar about what we had learned so far in Vagabond Temple. Nevertheless, I remembered that a few of us had also taught the kids there about frisbee and playing frisbee at Kep beach with the other participants.

Going through this experience, I realized that it might seem boring at first because all we do was meditating and doing yoga. However, once we started to talk to other people there, we might know some amazing things about them and the classes that we’re taking won’t be bored like what we thought anymore.



Independence Discovery | Cambodia’s Arts

Unlike my other independence discoveries (ID), this round I focused more on Cambodia’s arts. This round I still focused on doodlings and pencil drawings but with Cambodian culture and traditional included. Since I have never done this concept before, it took awhile to used to it.

At the beginning of this ID, I wasn’t sure what type of picture would I like to draw and doodle. I started to look at a bunch of references such as looking at Cambodian doodler’s Instagram (Chhoun Vicheka and Visoth Kakvei). Later on, I got this idea where I would have Preah Prohm as the center of the sketch in pencil drawing and traditional doodle styles around. Due to its details on the doodlings, it took me so much time doing this piece. My second idea was a comparison between Cambodia’s past and present buildings. However, due to the short amount of time I have, I couldn’t finish this piece.

Throughout this independence discovery, I realized that next time I should start with small ideas or pieces of the drawings. Nevertheless, I should have been more prepared and organized my thoughts before the class start so that I would have more time to focus on the drawings.