Humans of Cambodia

For round 3 exploration, I was in one exploration called “Humans of Cambodia.” This exploration is about writing about Cambodian lives. We got this idea from one blog called “Humans of New York (HONY).” Before there was a group of students had created a blog about Humans of Phnom Penh but wasn’t success so we decided to make our blog. Our big goal in this exploration is; we create this website to share to the world about how Cambodian lives look like.

We spent most of the time going outside to interview people for our blog. When we interviewed them, we asked a lot about their personal and insightful questions because we don’t want our reader getting bored after read the story on our blog. While we interview, we have job to do; one person ask question, one person take photo and one person recording. After we interviewed them, we will give our website card to them so the share to other people. Before we went out to interview people we have to learn how to take a good photos. Even before we go to interview, we learn about the photo categories.

As the members of this exploration, we learn how to opportunist. When other kids from others classes went outside, we will send 2-3 students to interviewed the people. I am one of the kids who went to Camkids that located in Kampong Speu to interview the kids who are learning there and some villagers.

Some of the people that we had interviewed in Camkids and some villagers:

Although, we spent a lot of time outside the class to interview but we also work one small project that about writing a story about strange animal. For me, I wrote a imagination story about the animal that have kitten head and penguin body.

I’m really proud of myself as one of the members in this exploration because I get to learn many things. I get to work with new classmates and share different ideas to each other. Also, we have to come up with a lot of good questions to interview people, it wasn’t easy. One thing I like in this class is; it improve my listening skill and translation skill because I had been listen to many audios in Khmer and in English.

Here are some of photos that shoots:

Independent Discovery

          In  Liger we have Independent Discovery, which allow students to pick one topic that they want to work on in the own time. Also the topic or skill that they use will help them learning. I chose to do one independent discovery which is about drawing and designing fashion. Even though, my topic is about designing and drawing fashion but I also learn how to draw humans realistic drawing. My mentor is Jaime (Learning Facilitator), she help me a lot my giving me a lot of great ideas and sources that I could used to help for my independent discovery. My goal is to know more of great fashion design and I want to be better with using different kind of color such as watercolor and pencil color. The most important thing is to know technique of drawing realistic drawing and designing fashions.  

          I think it was fun to design and drawing your design but I think I’m not really succeed in this independent discovery. It not really succeed because I have so many ideas and a lot of things that I want to do in this independent discovery in short time. Also, I think if I were with one or two friends that want to do the same things as me so it will be better. We will have more idea and have specific things that we want to do. So, if I do next independent discovery I would like to do with some friends that can help me what I need.

          I spent a lot finding sources that will help me with this fashion designing independent discovery. Here is the two website that I like to use for search for some ideas:

  • Pinterest; This website allow me to search for things that I want such as fashion design ideas.
  • Skillshare; This is the website that my teacher gave me, it allow me to watch many cool video about drawing and designing clothes and many cool drawing.