Khmer Rouge Exploration – Before Khmer Rouge

My first exploration of my 5th year at Liger is Khmer Rouge. For this project, our school want all the Senior Cohort students to learn and know about it. Moreover, for this big project we divided into four part which confusing on before Khmer Rouge, during Khmer Rouge, after Khmer Rouge and what’s happen now in Cambodia. Since I’m in the first group of this project, so I was learning about what’s happen before Khmer Rouge take over. Throughout the exploration, I had learned a lot from many different sources. Furthermore, I had many opportunities to go to many amazing places such as Boeung Cheung Ek killing field, The Extraordinary Chamber of the Court in Cambodia and I had a chance to listen to Swedish man, Gunnar Bergstrom.  

The first few week of this exploration, our learning facilitator shared us some of information based on her research about what happen to Cambodia since Angkor Empire era till the start of Khmer Rouge. In addition, we also researched for more information and met a lot of special people who they know a lot about Khmer Rouge or before Khmer Rouge. Those people are Youk Chhang (Director of Documentation Center of Cambodia) and Gunnar Bergstrom (Swedish communist profession who got invited to Cambodia).

The Extraordinary Chamber of the Court in Cambodia (ECCC) the place where they do all the trial about the Khmer Rouge and to find justice for millions people who experienced Khmer Rouge. On 25th August, 2016, five of the girls in our group (included me) had a chance to go in and listen to the trial about the forced marriage during Khmer Rouge time. It was such an amazing experience to there and I learned a lot more things.

At Boeung Cheung Ek killing field, we were touring about the whole campus. We get to interview our tour guide about the history of that killing field.


Water Safety

Water safety is my last exploration of my third year in Liger. In the exploration, there are 10 students and one learning facilitator. Our exploration big goal is to decrease amount of people that drown because they don’t know how to swim and other problems. So, we have make a swimming class that some children from community can come and learn how to swim. We divide into 3 teams and in each team there are about 4-5 students. We teach they not to become a really good swimmer but we teach them just main ideas so that they can protect themselves when they are swimming.

In class, we made different messages to educate people when they should swim and when they shouldn’t swim. We use one program called “Inkscape”  to make our poster. It is a bit hard for me to use because I never use it before. After we finished our messages, we went to one organisation called “Camkids” that located in Kampong Spue, Cambodia to teach students there how to protect themselves when they go to swim.


My water safety message; Don’t get in the water to swim when there are lightning or storm.



Swimming clas at our school’s pool.

Teaching the kids at Camkids, Cambodia.

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