Mysterious Talents

Mysterious Talents is my second create your own exploration. In this exploration, we have four members are Sopheak, Souyeth, Thiny and I. Our exploration’s goal is to collect the hidden talents that Cambodian have and share it to the world. We want to share to the world my making many short films and post it in Youtube. We want to collect the hidden talents because we want to tell the world that Cambodian have a lot of talents. Also we want the foreigners that come to Cambodia to visit other tourism sites or other interesting places rather than the most famous place in Cambodia such as Angkor Wat.

We spend 3 nights and 4 days going to four provinces such as Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Kampot and Kep to interview and film Cambodia’s people. It’s a long trip and we got to interviewed many people. Also I got to see many talents that people have such as making a basket from bamboo, self taught artist and more amazing talents.

After we collected the talents we started to edit the videos. We use Movie Maker to the videos because it’s the easiest program for us. We want our videos to be between 40 seconds – 3 minutes but it’s looking great. Also when people watch it, they know what is it about.

Artist of Cambodia

In Liger, exploration class is usually run by the learning facilitator. It mean, the the teacher will choose the topic and the students that will be in their exploration. This round of exploration are difference from other round. This round, students had chose their own exploration with different topics. For the whole exploration we will make a schedule for our class and we have one learning facilitator to help us if we have something to ask.

My first “Choose your own exploration” is “Artist of Cambodia.” In our group we have five members are Sovannary, Venghour, Vornsar, Sythong and I. Our exploration goal is to change people’s perspective of what they think about plastics.

To reach our goal, we had made many products from dry wastes. We also went outside and do the campaign at the market. We did the campaign at the market because, we think that people in the market use a lot of plastics so we wanted them to stop using it. Also, we showed them some of the products that they can use rather than plastics such as eco friendly bag and etc.

My challenge it to come up with new ideas to make new product. It is hard because there are many recycled ideas in the internet, so I have to up with new, unique ideas. Even though, it’s hard but I still enjoy my class.