Sea Festival

On the 23rd and 24th of December last year, I had been joined an incredible opportunity which was Sea Festival that was celebrating at Kep. 11 Liger’s seniors and I were going as the frisbee players with many adults and teenagers.

The scheduling of the trip had changed rapidly, so we have to be flexible most of the time.  On the 23rd, we have been playing in the after around 3PM until late evening. Then we start to play again (team against team) until late night. On the next day, we were starting the game in the morning around 8AM until 12PM. Moreover, it was my first time joining a Beach Frisbee Ultimate, so running on the sand and playing the game under the hot sun was difficult. Also, it was hard for the other players too, but we all manage to do well until the end of the trip. 

Out of all the players, Liger’s students were on the youngest and yet we did not get to practice much. However, we played really well during the tournament between the 4 teams that had been created. We received a lot of good compliments about our skill and as well as our responsibilities during the trips. Personally, even though the trip was really tiring but I really enjoyed it. So, if there any other opportunities like this I would love to join.