Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

This school year, I learned lots of different subjects and projects in Liger. As a young Cambodian, I also had joined many school projects to help changing Cambodia to be a better country. In addition, I went on many many trips to explore and learn more things in real life. These projects below are the projects and exploration that I joined this year, which can change Cambodia such as Artist of Cambodia, creat science book and etc.


The first create your own exploration (CYOE) that I had was Artist of Cambodia. Our team goal is to get people to know more how plastic and dry waste can affect to the environment around us. We mostly focused on recycling dry trash and different types of plastics. As we want to change people’s perspective about how do they think about plastics, we had gone to one market near our school to tell people there about the disadvantages about plastics. So, for this project, I changed Cambodia by changing people’s perspective of plastics.


For my second CYOE is called “WAT, Cambo!”. This project I worked with the other three girls. Our goal for this project to go to many amazing places in Cambodia to film Cambodian’s talents and share it with the world so the world knows how amazing those people are. We also created a Youtube channel (WAT, Cambo!) to share those amazing videos.


This year Liger had a really special project, which writing science books and distribute it to Cambodia’s government schools. I was working on one book with Chimean, which is about the blue ringed-octopus. The special thing is that the books have two languages are English and Khmer so even the foreigners can read our books too. So, I help to change Cambodia by creating an educational book and share to the Cambodia’s young generation.


Lastly, even though I did many things to try to change Cambodia but it’s just a small part of the change. I hope that I can do even better in the future and not to forget to work hard on my study.