Water Safety

Water safety is my last exploration of my third year in Liger. In the exploration, there are 10 students and one learning facilitator. Our exploration big goal is to decrease amount of people that drown because they don’t know how to swim and other problems. So, we have make a swimming class that some children from community can come and learn how to swim. We divide into 3 teams and in each team there are about 4-5 students. We teach they not to become a really good swimmer but we teach them just main ideas so that they can protect themselves when they are swimming.

In class, we made different messages to educate people when they should swim and when they shouldn’t swim. We use one program called “Inkscape”  to make our poster. It is a bit hard for me to use because I never use it before. After we finished our messages, we went to one organisation called “Camkids” that located in Kampong Spue, Cambodia to teach students there how to protect themselves when they go to swim.


My water safety message; Don’t get in the water to swim when there are lightning or storm.



Swimming clas at our school’s pool.

Teaching the kids at Camkids, Cambodia.

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Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

This school year, I learned lots of different subjects and projects in Liger. As a young Cambodian, I also had joined many school projects to help changing Cambodia to be a better country. In addition, I went on many many trips to explore and learn more things in real life. These projects below are the projects and exploration that I joined this year, which can change Cambodia such as Artist of Cambodia, creat science book and etc.


The first create your own exploration (CYOE) that I had was Artist of Cambodia. Our team goal is to get people to know more how plastic and dry waste can affect to the environment around us. We mostly focused on recycling dry trash and different types of plastics. As we want to change people’s perspective about how do they think about plastics, we had gone to one market near our school to tell people there about the disadvantages about plastics. So, for this project, I changed Cambodia by changing people’s perspective of plastics.


For my second CYOE is called “WAT, Cambo!”. This project I worked with the other three girls. Our goal for this project to go to many amazing places in Cambodia to film Cambodian’s talents and share it with the world so the world knows how amazing those people are. We also created a Youtube channel (WAT, Cambo!) to share those amazing videos.


This year Liger had a really special project, which writing science books and distribute it to Cambodia’s government schools. I was working on one book with Chimean, which is about the blue ringed-octopus. The special thing is that the books have two languages are English and Khmer so even the foreigners can read our books too. So, I help to change Cambodia by creating an educational book and share to the Cambodia’s young generation.


Lastly, even though I did many things to try to change Cambodia but it’s just a small part of the change. I hope that I can do even better in the future and not to forget to work hard on my study.  

Mysterious Talents

Mysterious Talents is my second create your own exploration. In this exploration, we have four members are Sopheak, Souyeth, Thiny and I. Our exploration’s goal is to collect the hidden talents that Cambodian have and share it to the world. We want to share to the world my making many short films and post it in Youtube. We want to collect the hidden talents because we want to tell the world that Cambodian have a lot of talents. Also we want the foreigners that come to Cambodia to visit other tourism sites or other interesting places rather than the most famous place in Cambodia such as Angkor Wat.

We spend 3 nights and 4 days going to four provinces such as Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Kampot and Kep to interview and film Cambodia’s people. It’s a long trip and we got to interviewed many people. Also I got to see many talents that people have such as making a basket from bamboo, self taught artist and more amazing talents.

After we collected the talents we started to edit the videos. We use Movie Maker to the videos because it’s the easiest program for us. We want our videos to be between 40 seconds – 3 minutes but it’s looking great. Also when people watch it, they know what is it about.

Artist of Cambodia

In Liger, exploration class is usually run by the learning facilitator. It mean, the the teacher will choose the topic and the students that will be in their exploration. This round of exploration are difference from other round. This round, students had chose their own exploration with different topics. For the whole exploration we will make a schedule for our class and we have one learning facilitator to help us if we have something to ask.

My first “Choose your own exploration” is “Artist of Cambodia.” In our group we have five members are Sovannary, Venghour, Vornsar, Sythong and I. Our exploration goal is to change people’s perspective of what they think about plastics.

To reach our goal, we had made many products from dry wastes. We also went outside and do the campaign at the market. We did the campaign at the market because, we think that people in the market use a lot of plastics so we wanted them to stop using it. Also, we showed them some of the products that they can use rather than plastics such as eco friendly bag and etc.

My challenge it to come up with new ideas to make new product. It is hard because there are many recycled ideas in the internet, so I have to up with new, unique ideas. Even though, it’s hard but I still enjoy my class.

Independent Discovery

My independent discovery is about many interesting art. I spend most of the time in class on drawing. In the beginning of the class I started to draw a butterfly zentangle. It’s take really long to draw the zentangle because I have to draw its very small. Although, I spend a lot of time too, to search for ideas on internet. Also it is my first time to try to draw a zentangle. Other than zentangle, I also learned to draw realistic and 3D drawing.

My challenge is that we don’t a lot of good papers and some more art supplies. When I draw on a bad paper I can’t blend the color well so it’s really hard for me. Also I don’t have a lot of experiences with blending the color. However, on every drawing that I did, I try my best work and I really patient about it.

Here is my finished drawing

C360_2016-03-24-17-52-57-996 (2)C360_2016-03-24-17-51-32-684


Liger Ultimate Frisbee

Every Tuesday, I had join Liger Ultimate Frisbee. In this after school activity (ASE) everyone can join to play. There are so many boys in this activity so while we play the girls don’t have a lot of chance to throw the frisbee. However, I enjoy playing with all my friends and also it is a good sport.

  • Our volunteer, Samantha.

Humans of Cambodia

For round 3 exploration, I was in one exploration called “Humans of Cambodia.” This exploration is about writing about Cambodian lives. We got this idea from one blog called “Humans of New York (HONY).” Before there was a group of students had created a blog about Humans of Phnom Penh but wasn’t success so we decided to make our blog. Our big goal in this exploration is; we create this website to share to the world about how Cambodian lives look like.

We spent most of the time going outside to interview people for our blog. When we interviewed them, we asked a lot about their personal and insightful questions because we don’t want our reader getting bored after read the story on our blog. While we interview, we have job to do; one person ask question, one person take photo and one person recording. After we interviewed them, we will give our website card to them so the share to other people. Before we went out to interview people we have to learn how to take a good photos. Even before we go to interview, we learn about the photo categories.

As the members of this exploration, we learn how to opportunist. When other kids from others classes went outside, we will send 2-3 students to interviewed the people. I am one of the kids who went to Camkids that located in Kampong Speu to interview the kids who are learning there and some villagers.

Some of the people that we had interviewed in Camkids and some villagers:

Although, we spent a lot of time outside the class to interview but we also work one small project that about writing a story about strange animal. For me, I wrote a imagination story about the animal that have kitten head and penguin body.

I’m really proud of myself as one of the members in this exploration because I get to learn many things. I get to work with new classmates and share different ideas to each other. Also, we have to come up with a lot of good questions to interview people, it wasn’t easy. One thing I like in this class is; it improve my listening skill and translation skill because I had been listen to many audios in Khmer and in English.

Here are some of photos that shoots:

Independent Discovery

          In  Liger we have Independent Discovery, which allow students to pick one topic that they want to work on in the own time. Also the topic or skill that they use will help them learning. I chose to do one independent discovery which is about drawing and designing fashion. Even though, my topic is about designing and drawing fashion but I also learn how to draw humans realistic drawing. My mentor is Jaime (Learning Facilitator), she help me a lot my giving me a lot of great ideas and sources that I could used to help for my independent discovery. My goal is to know more of great fashion design and I want to be better with using different kind of color such as watercolor and pencil color. The most important thing is to know technique of drawing realistic drawing and designing fashions.  

          I think it was fun to design and drawing your design but I think I’m not really succeed in this independent discovery. It not really succeed because I have so many ideas and a lot of things that I want to do in this independent discovery in short time. Also, I think if I were with one or two friends that want to do the same things as me so it will be better. We will have more idea and have specific things that we want to do. So, if I do next independent discovery I would like to do with some friends that can help me what I need.

          I spent a lot finding sources that will help me with this fashion designing independent discovery. Here is the two website that I like to use for search for some ideas:

  • Pinterest; This website allow me to search for things that I want such as fashion design ideas.
  • Skillshare; This is the website that my teacher gave me, it allow me to watch many cool video about drawing and designing clothes and many cool drawing.

Ministry Day

On January, 12th, 2016 in Liger in has a big event that all the head ministers from Ministry of Education come to do a workshop. There are about 50 to 60 people great people to explain so we have try our best to explain them. In these day all of the students have been presented about what we do in Liger and what is our goal. For me I am in one group called “Tour Guide.” Our goal in this tour guide section are to get all the visitors that come to Liger and know our campus. Also we want to explain them about many example of exploration that we in Liger such as Cambodia Economic and Interior Design. In each small team that we have, we have to do the tour 2 to 3 times for each and we have 25 minutes that is not much time for us to explain them.  

The hardest thing for me and my partner were to get all the visitors in one group. It hard because when we explain to them some visitors don’t know what we talking about because are too behind us at the back. Also when we present to them some people are at the back and they cannot hear what are we saying. Another thing is: they ask us a lot of questions so we don’t get to answer all their questions and don’t get through the whole thing that we want to show them. Eventhough it hard for us, we still try our best to explain and show them about our campus. It was a great and I wish to have this one more time.

Taking a group pictures with all the head ministers that had been come to Liger.
Taking a group pictures with all the head ministers that had been come to Liger.


I am from poem

In literacy class we have many activities that help us practice with our writing and speaking skills.  To practice our writing skill with did I am from poem. Please enjoy reading my I am from poem.

My I am from poem.
My I am from poem.