Grizzly Open 2018 | Bee Force

In Liger, we had so many opportunities whether in the country or overseas. Additionally, those opportunities had led me to travel to many provinces in Cambodia already, but I haven’t got to go to any other country yet. By joining an all-girls frisbee training, Bee Force, I got this amazing chance which allowed me to travel to Malaysia. 

To get this opportunity, it required me and my teammates a lot of work and effort. Every Sunday morning, we would wake up early and go to train with our two coaches, Jared and Romina. The coaches will be keeping track of our performance in the game every week so we had to work even harder every week. After survival weeks of training, the coaches finally choosing the players to join an ultimate frisbee competition, Grizzly Open 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There were about 21 players who had chosen and I was so glad that I was one of them.

Our Liger’s girls who got selected from the training.

Grizzly Open 2018 is an ultimate frisbee competition that allows many teams from different countries to compete by their gender. The competition were on the 17th and 18th of March and it was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This year was the first time that Cambodia team have been participating in this competition. Most of the members of the team were their first time being in a big competition like this just like me. So, we were so nervous once we saw the other players from other teams. However, as a team, we were trying to encourage each other to think positive so that we would do well on the field. 

For this two days tournament, Bee Fore got 6 games to play with other female groups. On our first game, we had won by 7:3 and it was the time that Cambodia team won a frisbee game. Unfortunately, for our next 5 games, we couldn’t win. However, we were all happy and enjoy the games. Moreover, we were trying our best and give our 100% effort in the games. In addition, we got to meet so many good people who were helping us to improve and encouraging us to even work harder. 

Besides enjoying the tournament, I also enjoy other activities that we did such as going to the mall and swimming. Nevertheless, I love seeing the differences and similarities between my own country and Malaysia. While traveling to the field for the games I can see how clean Malaysia’s environment and I rarely see any rubbish. Also, Malaysians were so friendly and respectful, especially to us who don’t know anything about Malaysia. 

It was my first being outside the country. Although I feel a bit uncomfortable at first being a foreigner in their country, I was glad to get that new experience. Moreover, I am very thankful for my teammates, coaches, and learning facilitator that had created a very meaningful memory and give me a lot of courage. 

This is our Cambodia team with our coach.