Independent Discovery

My independent discovery is about many interesting art. I spend most of the time in class on drawing. In the beginning of the class I started to draw a butterfly zentangle. It’s take really long to draw the zentangle because I have to draw its very small. Although, I spend a lot of time too, to search for ideas on internet. Also it is my first time to try to draw a zentangle. Other than zentangle, I also learned to draw realistic and 3D drawing.

My challenge is that we don’t a lot of good papers and some more art supplies. When I draw on a bad paper I can’t blend the color well so it’s really hard for me. Also I don’t have a lot of experiences with blending the color. However, on every drawing that I did, I try my best work and I really patient about it.

Here is my finished drawing

C360_2016-03-24-17-52-57-996 (2)C360_2016-03-24-17-51-32-684


Liger Ultimate Frisbee

Every Tuesday, I had join Liger Ultimate Frisbee. In this after school activity (ASE) everyone can join to play. There are so many boys in this activity so while we play the girls don’t have a lot of chance to throw the frisbee. However, I enjoy playing with all my friends and also it is a good sport.

  • Our volunteer, Samantha.