Preventative Health Exploration

I was in this incredible exploration called “Preventative Health.” Our goal for this exploration is to help the people in Koh Rong island about health issues. We mainly focus on two problems are dental care and balance diet.


We were dividing into two group which focus on two different things such as dental care and balance diet. The first few weeks of the class we’ve been researching about the dental care and balance diet issues in Cambodia and how can we prevent it. After getting enough important information, we’re making it into a play to show to the people on the island because we think that it’s the best idea to make the remember the information that we’re giving them.


When we went on a trip to Koh Rong, there are a lot of activities that are new to me such as snorkeling, scuba diving, doing the play to the communities on the island about preventative health and learned about the marine life. We took a lot of boat ride to many places on the island to do the play and also snorkeling. Moreover, I really enjoy the boat ride that we took on the last day at night to see the bioluminescent in the middle of the sea. We not only did a lot of snorkeling but also hiking to the waterfall which is such a long where to go.


One of my favorite highlights are snorkeling and scuba diving in Song Saa private coral reef. Moreover, I get to see many living organisms there such as butterfly fish and lots of baby jellyfishes and it was my dream to go snorkeling at the coral reef and this exploration made my dream come true! Especially, I got to present to the people there about preventative health and have a lot of fun playing games with the kids and talking to them about their community. I want to a part of this kind of exploration again! I would like to visit Koh Rong once again!