Headline (copy): Health

Topic (copy):Dirty air from China is blowing across the ocean and polluting California

Lexile Level (different for each): 860L

Summary (10-12 sentences telling the major ideas; who, what, where when, why, how):

This article is about the polluting the air and it can make people have a disease for their lungs. The smog it blew from China and across the Pacific ocean to California. It’s increasing the ozone in Western States when the ozone from China because they have more and more ozone. When the smog blow from China to California it only take about a week to across the Pacific ocean. It was a bad thing and for the people that live in Western States because it can make them have a bd health. One scientist name Faloona said that the ozone (the gas in the air polluting) is come from transportation like cars, trucks and factories. When the smog have blew from China to California then U.S have add more ozone because in California also the drive the cars and have factories. However This two countries would work together to stop the polluting but U.S need to work harder because the smog not go any where else it just stay in California. Also this mean that the pollution have a lot and it really easy to make us sick and die.

Favorite part:

  • When I read this article, I didn’t that the smog can blow really far like in this article blowing from China and across Pacific ocean and got to California. Also it take a quick time to get that smog to California only about a week. It was hard to believe for me. However, if we have a smog it really bad for our health so we need to take care of yourself more. The cause to make this problem because in China they have a factories and they drive a transportation so it pollute the air a lot.

Would you recommend it? (yes/no): Yes

If yes, who would you recommend it to?: (people who like…)

  • To people who live in China, Don’t use a lot of the gas if the place that not far so we can you our feet to walk don’t need to drive a car or moto. For the factories they shouldn’t use a lot of gas too

Invisible Stanley – Chapter.5

Name: Sokea

Date: 28/1/15

  1. In the beginning of the chapter, how is Arthur feeling? Why? What does his mother tell him to try and help him feel better?
  • Arthur felt bad and jealous of Stanley because no one was interested at him because other people were only interested at Stanley. Mrs. Lambchop told Stanley to make Arthur happy by telling Arthur a good news that he can go to perform on TV. Mrs. Lambchop didn’t tell Stanley to go to TV but Stanley wanted to bring Arthur to TV to make him happy.


  1. What does Teddy Talker want with Stanley? Why?
  • Teddy Talker wants to know how Stanley got invisible and it is strange so that is why he wants to know about it.


  1. Does Stanley want to go? Why does he agree to go?
  • Stanley didn’t want to go but he agreed that he would go and appear on TV. Stanley agreed to go because he wants to help Arthur to perform on TV.


  1. In your own words, tell me who the other three guests on the show were.
  • The three guests on the TV show were the pretty woman that won the beauty prize, the man that won the tennis champion and the woman that wrote the book about sausage.


  1. When Teddy tells the audience that Stanley’s brother is going to come out, how do they feel? Why?
  • When Teddy told the audience that Arthur is going to come out the audience was sad and don’t want to look at the show that Arthur is performing because they thought that they would meet Stanley the invisible boy.


  1. Explain one of Arthur’s two jokes in your own words (either the king joke or the well joke).
  • Arthur’s first joke is about where the king puts his armies. The king puts the armies in his sleevies. The armies in the joke means arm and the sleeves is part of shirt. It means the king put his arms in the sleevies.


  1. How does Arthur know Teddy’s card is the four of hearts?
  • Arthur knows that Teddy’s card is four of hearts because all the cards that he has are four of hearts.


  1. Why can’t Arthur do the card trick again, using the same cards? What is his solution?
  • Arthur can’t do the trick again so he uses a new strategy but Stanley helps him. This time one audience comes to play a trick with Arthur. His solution is Stanley comes and looks at the audience’s card then he tells Arthur the card that the audience had. Arthur can’t do the trick again because if he uses the same cards then the audience will say that he lied to them. The past tense of lie is lied. I changed it for you.


  1. What are some of the tricks that Henry does?
  • Henry’s trick was to fly. That time he jumped very high to fly.


  1.  How does Arthur make it look like he is controlling the frog?
  • Arthur makes it look like he was controlling the frog by having Stanley help him. When the frog makes a circle then Stanley holds Henry and makes a circle.


  1. What does Arthur tell the audience at the end? Why do you think he does this?
  • Arthur tells the audience most of the tricks he didn’t do by himself but Stanley helped him. He does this because he didn’t want to lie to the audience. Also Mrs. Lambchop told Arthur not to lie to other people and it is not good and it is not a good thing or behavior for a kid.


  1. When Stanley is talking to Teddy, what does he say about being invisible? Are they all good things?
  • Stanley said being invisible no it hard like when he walks on a street or when he walks no one can see him so other people just walk and hit Stanley. Another thing is he just keeps reminding other people where he was or where he is. All of those things are not good because Stanley can get hurt and tired to keep reminding other people.


  1. When you read Invisible Stanley do you think its too hard, medium or easy? How much do you think you understand on a scale of one (nothing) to ten (everything)?
  • When I read invisible Stanley I think it medium for me but sometime also it hard to understand the long chapter. On the scale of one I think I understand about 7-8.5 because when I read with the group make me easier and when I don’t know something they can tell me.


Last exploration and set a goal for new exploration

My last Exploration is Entrepreneurship. In Entrepreneurship class we learn about 3D printing. We also learn a terms that we use a lot in Entrepreneur. The first day we have to think about what is our idea and what we want to do then pick up four best idea to make four group. In each group we have think about a product that we want to make for help people in Cambodia or other countries. My group idea is to make a book standing because we think that it can help people with reading and free their hands. They can do other things while the read the book on our product. When we told Kichong about our idea already we start to do our work. In each group we have different job. My job was to do a blog post and site, Chhoeu was do about the design in 123D Design and Makara she need to write about the Daily that we do everyday. It was hard to make it because when we print out it always wrong. Then we tried to improve it a lot of times and we print it out about ten times until we get a correct one. Then we think that now we have a product already so we just sell it but we don’t know where can we sell it and who is our target audience. One day Kichong told us a good news that Dom will buy 10 products that it can help the students in government school. Dom have bought my group products then on Thursday week six we went to government. We went to government school to tell the students about 3D printing and our products at the last we ask them a question. Then if anyone of them have a right answer the can choose one of TWUM or Climbing products. Before we have a sharation we have a terms test. In that test we need to write how to make a business that in the sentence we need to the terms that we have been learn for seven weeks. I was hard for me because I don’t know the definition for all the terms I just know some of it. However, I thought that I did well on it and I try my best. On Wednesday weeks seven our Entrepreneurship group and two other group went to DI (Development Innovation) for share what we learn in class and what is our products about. It was fantastic because it was the time that Liger to go DI and do a sharation. Also is have a lot of people come and they really enjoy our sharation.



  • What was the main thing you learned during Entrepreneurship?
    • In Entrepreneurship class we have learned about how to make a business. Also I learn about how to make a product from 3D printing. I learned the step to do 3D printing product and it hard because we need to think of a new idea. It hard because we did it wrong many times so we have to improve it and ask a lot of people for feedback.
  • Six terms you I think it the most important and why it important?
    • I think the six most important terms are: Entrepreneur, Target Audience, Market, Failing fast, Proactive and Big goals vs Small goals. I think that six terms are important because for business we use that words a lot. Entrepreneur is important because Entrepreneur we need to think of a new idea and it can help people a lot. Also it important Entrepreneur not just think about the the money like the profit and loss. Target Audience important because if we want to make one product and we don’t know who we will sell to it hard. So we need to think of our big target audience. Market also important, we need to know where we will sell our product. For example we will sell in by online or in supermarket. In business it not go smooth it will have something to make you failing fast. Failing fast is good because you can learn from it and improve it. In Entrepreneurship class each group we have a big goal that is better than small goal. Big goal we can think about our product what is the benefit and how it can help change our country.
  • If I could do Entrepreneurship again, what would I do different? What product? What team? How to sell?
    • If I could this exploration again I will make a book organizer because many people they just make a mess for their book. That is the reason I want to make that product. Also In a group I want three people because it easy to choose and idea if we have a lot of member easy to do work but really hard to discuss with each other. I will make it different by not use a lot of to make my product because my class it take a long time to make. Also when it nearly time we not ye finish and we don’t know where we want to go to sell. Another idea is in class we have to make our self more focus not play a lot and do what you suppose to do.


This is our Entrepreneurship group 3 at Expo Koh Pich.
                                       This is our Entrepreneurship group 3 at Expo Koh Pich.



 Our class have divide into four group. In each group needed to think of one new product that can help solve a problem. In my group have three members including me. Our group come up with two ideas. First idea was cup and the second idea was book standing. It really hard for us to decide which one is the best. I told my idea to my team I chose book standing because most of people like to read book and it a new idea that people Cambodia never see before. Also if we make a cup the plastic will lead out when we put hot water. However, we all had chose book standing. Our product have two design because we want to put big books and smalls books easily.

Benefit:  Mostly when people read the books they just hold it and it can make their hands hurt when they hold it along time. If you put your book on our product it much easier because you don’t need to hold it. Our product can keep the page still so it not waste your time to find which page you on. Also when you put your book on our product you can whatever you want like play instrument, singing and many other things.  This product you can last for along time and it easy to take it with you because it not really big.

Who will buy our product?: Many people can use our products because it can help them a lot with read. These are people who will buy:

  • Literacy teacher
  • People work for library
  • Note taker
  • Instrument player
  • Disable people
  • People that can read
  • Students between grade 4-university (school)

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Waste Water Sanitation

There are many things to learn in Waste Water Sanitation class but we only focus on two big ideas are Self-Composting Toilet and Wetland. We did a lot of research and learn many things from our classmate. Our goals in this exploration are to solve the problem about our school constructed wetland. We also want to make our own design on self-composting toilet.

When we learn about wetland we were learn with one expert from Wetlands Work name Solyka. She told us a lot about wetland and how it work and what are some benefit about wetland. We also went to Free The Bear to  visit the constructed wetland that Wetlands Work built. Solyka is our guide she explain how does it works and what materials that use to build it up.

Our class have a night trip that went to Kampong Chhang. At Kampong Chhang we went to floating area to see how do people that live at there using their toilet and interview some family that they use self-composting toilet. When we interview people at there most of them use simple toilet that straight away to the river and when they need water to cook or shower they use that water. Some people said that they don’t want to use self-composting toilet because they need to do a lot of work so they think it better or them to use a simple one.

After we collect all the information our class had make a design for new wetland and we also make a prototype of new self-composting toilet.

  • Our group picture.



Exploration name: Ecotourism

Exploration dates: August 13-October 3, 2014

Number of students: 13

Essential questions:

(1) What is ecotourism?

(2) How can ecotourism help change our country?

Ecotourism means to travel to natural areas that protect environment and help people life at location became better. Ecotourism was also about helping to preserve the environment. Our ecotourism group went to Chi Phat to study about the ecotourism in Chi Phat. Also we learned about how ecotourism in Chi Phat are different from other ecotourism sites. Our big goal when we went to Chi Phat was to interview as many people as possible. We interviewed different people to get different answers and all the people had different perspectives. After we interviewed a lot of people we came back and studied about the information we found some areas of concern. Our group made a recommendation to Chi Phat community about the areas of concern. Some areas of concern are education, transportation, marketing, collaboration, and energy. After we finished we will send it to Martin and Prom Houng, the CBET (Community Based Ecotourism Site) directors.

Here we are, Ecotourism day at waterfall Chi-Phat.
Here we are, Ecotourism day at waterfall Chi-Phat.
On the way go to Chi-Phat (Koh Kong).
On the way go to Chi-Phat (Koh Kong). Relaxing and talk about our plan.

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